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photoshop toolbar disappeared

The Photoshop interface is known to have the finest toolbar set which organized the series of commands and processes in a chain. In order to select a tool, one click on the icon is enough. Furthermore, there are certain shortcuts available to access specific tools. But sometimes the toolbar disappears from its actual position and make the things complex and confusing. In such cases, containing Adobe Photoshop support is the most recommended solution, or there are several manual methods to retrieve the lost toolbar on the screen. Let’s discuss them one-by-one.

Important Note: make sure you are using the latest patch of Adobe Photoshop on your device and its compatible with the version of your OS.

How to Get the Photoshop Toolbar Back

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Adobe Photoshop has its own set of shortcuts such as F5 is used to open the brusher’s panel while F6 and F7 for Color Panel and Layers respectively. Likewise, the F8 is used for info and “Alt-F9” is used for Actions. If some of the functions lack in shortcuts can be accessed with other panels. For an example the Color panel lets you access the Swatches and styles.

If any function neither has shortcut nor an allotted panel to access, the downward arrow at the top of the Tools can be used to open those. Just click on the arrow and the single strip will be changed to a double column setup which acts as a permanent toolbar.

Windows menu and Tab key:

If you want to access the toolbar menu, you can use the Windows menu. You can both: view or hide the toolbar using the Tab key or Windows menu. Click on the title bar of the panels and click close to hide it from the screen. In order to make it visible, you can simply click on “Windows” and then “Tools”.

If you have closed all the Tool panels, and now toolbar has disappeared from your screen, you can click on the tab to open the toolbar. The shift-tab will help you toggle between Tools and Application bar.

Change of Commands:

Adobe Photoshop provides freedom to users to change the keyboard shortcuts and other portions of the interface. Commands which are used to manage the visibility of toolbar are part of the menu shortcut category. There must be a function key to perform the shortcut. In order to allow the various shortcuts to the tool panels, go to the “Edit” menu and select Keyboard Shortcut. Now open the keyboard Sections and Menus, open the Windows section and select Tools from there. Now in the provided field enter the shortcut you want to assign in the Tool panel. If you already have assigned the same shortcut previously, you will get an alert on your screen.

If the issues remain intact, revealing toolbar on the screen has become a never-happening thing, you can simply ring on Adobe tech support number and get in touch with experts. The team of techies will comprehensively examine the issues and do the necessary to make you able to assign the shortcuts for desired tools.

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